Our overall well-being plays a huge role in our health by affecting our happiness, outlook on life and self-confidence. I believe taking control of your wellness is one of the most empowering and beneficial things you can do for yourself. Wellness means a lot of different things, but I find that two areas that people struggle with most are diet and exercise. In my mind, these are foundational pieces because diet fuels you and gives you energy and exercise keeps you strong and fit to continue to do the things you love.


My thoughts about food:

I LOVE ice cream. I have to throw that out there because it is important in understanding my food philosophy.

Food can be tricky because it plays many roles in our lives: psychological, physiological, social, cultural, and emotional. It is also tricky because we, as humans vary immensely based on our food preferences, activity levels, metabolisms, genes, current state of health, our relationships with food and preconceived ideas about food. Because of all these variables, there isn’t one perfect diet for everyone, but there is one perfect diet for you. Our bodies are really good at advocating for themselves. I do not believe in counting calories and feeding yourself things you don’t like just because it is healthy- I instead believe in learning to listen to your body and its needs and nourishing it with foods that you find delicious and healthy. In finding your perfect, nourishing and delicious diet, it is important to remember a few things:

  • Find what nourishes you and eat that most often

  • Moderation is everything

  • Sometimes we eat things because they are good for the soul (hence the confession of my love for ice cream!)

My thoughts about exercise:

Find ways that you like to move and move often. You don’t have to run marathons to be fit, so find what you love and start doing it.